Executive Leadership for Nonprofits

“As a Board member I had complete confidence in Marcia’s expertise in, and knowledge of, the nonprofit sector.  She did an excellent job of leveraging the strengths of each Board member to draw upon their business acumen and corporate connections.”


Kym Luqman, Executive Director, Rebuilding Together Oakland 

“The joy of working with Marcia was her intuitive understanding of the distinct roles between the Board and senior staff.  As the Board Chair, it was a true pleasure to partner with her in leading Big Brothers Big Sisters.”


Jim Falaschi, Chief Executive Officer, Bay Area Regional Center  

“Marcia knows how to elicit the individual strengths of project team members to achieve great results.  She gives just the right amount of information and guidance to individuals to enable them to fulfill their role on the team and have a high sense of satisfaction in a job well done. Focused, organized, disciplined.”


Cathy Clagett, Director of Organizational Development, The Energy Foundation

“Marcia’s skillful leadership and hands-on management of our strategic planning process resulted in a clear vision for growth and well-defined intentionality goals. This was instrumental for our fund development team, enabling us to focus on targeted initiatives and increase fundraising results.”


Joanne Gold, Former Chief Development Officer, Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bay Area

“I thoroughly enjoy working with Marcia in our strategic and operational planning processes.  Her thoughtful leadership as Chair really helps the Board and staff draw on their strengths and, at the same time, she holds true to the vision for accomplishing our mission. She truly makes a difference.  Any organization would be very lucky to have the opportunity to work with her!”


Monte Meyers, Principal, Shining Star Consulting, LLC

“I actively recruited Marcia to be the Interim Executive Director of Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bay Area based on my knowledge of her extensive experience and commitment to bettering the community in which she lives.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Marcia to an organization that was looking for talented interim leadership.”


Glen Hentges, Chief Financial Officer, The Permanente Federation, LLC

“As a consultant working in executive transition, I have a deep appreciation for the role of an interim executive.  Marcia Hodges has the skill sets, mindset, and capacity to bring stability, alignment, and leadership to a situation in transition.  She is one of the most thoughtful, effective leaders I have seen in the sector.  Her ability to connect people to the mission and find solutions to the most challenging problems is unmatched by anyone.”


William J. Coy, MFT, Partner, La Piana Consulting


“Marcia is a highly experienced, calm leader who can be trusted to do what needs to be done in an interim executive role. Her superb collaborative approach is often exactly what is needed while focusing on short-term results during executive changes. I urge you to hire her!”


Cindy Mesko, Former Senior Vice President, Agency & Program Development Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

“Marcia proved to be an excellent choice as Interim CEO for Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bay Area.  The agency needed someone who could restore staff morale, analyze the organization’s strengths and challenges, and create a short-term plan to address the most immediate issues while the board was conducting its CEO search.  Marcia stepped in, gained the trust of board and staff, and calmly managed a difficult time of transition.”

Tisha Frank, Former Agency Development Director, West Region Big Brothers Big Sisters of America